Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rants, Strikes, Planes and Wheels

It seems OOPSLA has its way in causing many to rant about reinventing wheels, not buying the latest book, airlines, stupid business decisions, blatant tool marketing and what have you. I suppose it's the "lovely" autumn weather and returning darkness that triggers our emotional outbursts.

The good side of it all: the DSM Workshop (6th time) at OOPSLA keeps on growing in size, a clear indicator that we're making progress in our market creation activities. Also the media are now clearly picking-up on the issue on a larger scale, so are the analysts..... so are businesses, and good for it!

With the new MetaEdit+ on its way to being officially released soon, MetaCase is making it significantly easier and definitely more convenient for businesses of any size to start developing software more effectively (faster, less complex, better quality, less cost, less testing, less development time) than with all-purpose UML.

Despite the ugly weather and everybody's rants, I am delighted to see this happening.

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