Monday, October 16, 2006

DSL: How to start creating your own language

This is becoming a more important issue for many, since modeling with DSL's or DSM languages is clearly picking up steam. Some stuff has been written about it but I feel it's definitely something that deserves more focus since it is such an important aspect of DSM. Sure, many experts, evangelists and even MDA-guru's speak about meta-models and, if you're living life on the OMG matrass, the good and bad of MOF. This is mostly the "WHY". I've seen only few give advise on the "HOW".

It seems that once you get into a serious session of DSM language creation, the tendency is to push it as far as you can....which often is the wrong thing to do: You're re-inventing UML.

Some time ago, Juha-Pekka wrote a great article on DSM language definition (for Software Factory aficionado's and Gareth J: This is the more correct acronym for a graphical DSL) and he's got another one coming soon in Methods and Tools.

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