Saturday, October 21, 2006

MDD & Product Lines Conference review

Markus Völter, one of Germany's most respected consultants in the area of software engineering and software technology, also founder of Software Engineering Radio posted some comments about the recently held Model-Driven Development and Product Lines Conference in Leipzig, that I blogged about earlier.

He comments about using MetaEdit+ being a great tool for building modeling languages and his wish to use MetaEdit+ as a front-end to Open Architecture Ware (oAW) generators. This is something that one of our contacts is actually working on right now, his comments were that "currently the process of assembling a working and useful editor with GMF is quite painful and time consuming. It's just not feasible for larger models." and that
“Modeling with MetaEdit+ was indeed quite convenient and a lot easier to accomplish than trying to achieve the same results with Eclipse GMF.”

MetaEdit+ already provides the ability to plug oAW into it, via the model and meta-model import/export facility in XML format, which oAW accepts. Alternatively, there is also the SOAP/Web Services-based API that MetaEdit+ provides. There should thus be nothing stopping Markus from using MetaEdit+ more intensively :)

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can you please contact me wrt. to MetaEdit+/oAW integration? I can't find your contact details.

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