Friday, October 20, 2006

DSM @ DevWeek 2007 in the UK

Juha-Pekka has been invited to speak about defining domain-specific modeling languages and generators at DevWeek 2007, the UK's biggest conference for developers. On Thursday, March 1, JP will "demystify DSM, open the lid on OMG's MDA and shine a light on Microsoft's Software Factories".

Besides showing why UML-based MDA is generally a bad idea (do notice that not a single session in the whole conference deals with UML-based MDA anymore....hmmm maybe JP should just leave the lid where it is and focus on stuff that works), he will discuss the steps developers can take toward defining their own modeling languages - those that suit the work to be done better and therefore making them more effective - and generators, making sure that whatever it is the generator spits out, is what they want it to spit out.

From a guy with over 15 years of experience in this field, you can expect the session to be enlightning, well worth a visit.

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