Thursday, May 17, 2007

Still connected to DSM

It's been a while since my last blog posting. Reason is a change in job focus from software development to performance & business process management while changing MetaCase for QPR Software Plc. While catching up it was nice to see the overwhelming interest in the annual DSM workshop at OOPSLA forcing the organizers to make it a 2-day event. I suppose that with even the OMG now seriously interested in DSM the organizing committee should now seriously start to consider transforming the DSM workshop into a DSM conference: I believe we're close enough to critical mass to get enough sponsors in, provided all is well organized and thought-through.

Although my job responsibilities have turned me toward a significantly different community, it's nice to be still involved with DSM, if some of your hard-core DSL aficionados would still consider BPMN a true DSL. It's been designed-by-committee after all...yuk! But then, in the area of describing business processes I believe the need for a company-specific BPL becomes less of a core requirement for being able to generate something that will actually execute it. I bet that for the bulk of enterprises BPMN will do just fine whereas UML falls terribly short for anyone wishing to do MDD.