Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OOP 2007: Vendors step into DSM

OOP 2007 showed me that now more vendors see DSM as the way to go.

Gentleware, known for their UML tool Poseidon promoted DSL-based editors built on top of the Eclipse GMF platform. When I asked Marko Boger about what happens when the customer needs the inevitable change to the supported DSL language his answer was: "Well, then we make more turnover". He could also have mentioned that the customer loses all models made previously and that the customer has to wait until Gentleware makes the new editor available to them. Not exactly the most flexible solution if you ask me, which might have been a reason for him not mentioning it. Still it is nice to see that someone who earlier concluded that UML profiles are sufficient now agrees that in order to generate code, developers need to work with domain-specific languages.

It was encouraging to see so many people participating both the MetaCase vendor session and Juha-Pekka's conference session. Especially the fact that some intelligent discussions took place about defining domain-specific modeling languages among the audience showed me that the audience has matured in this area. Where 3 years ago we had to explain to nearly each and every one what DSM meant now people we more interested in the "how to do it". They got the idea and agree with the benefits it offers, now they want guidance in how to get started with it. I see it as a big step forward.

Some of the best hitting comments I got from attendees were: "MetaEdit+ is the reason why Rational invented UML as their tool could support only one modeling language", "MetaEdit+ is MDA done right, 10 years ago" and "These people are the only ones who know how to do model-driven development correctly"

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