Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Free training on creating DSM languages

At the coming OOP 2007 conference in lively Munich, expo and conference attendees have free access to all vendor tracks. MetaCase will provide one that teaches participants "hands-on" how to build a domain-specific modeling language and how to obtain tool support for it. Our aim is to provide participants with something a bit more valuable: Leaving the class room after 90 minutes feeling you've really learned some skills, instead of being made aware of a bunch of product features.

People should bring their own machine, and may opt to bring their own DSM tool. For those that wish to use MetaEdit+ we'll provide them with a copy. From a skills perspective, it's irrelevant what DSM tool you use really. Whether its Eclipse GMF, DOME, GME, Microsoft Visual Studio DSL's, MetaEdit+ or any other tool that can support DSM languages, they're all welcome to the session!

MetaCase offers a free ticket, you can get it here. It also provides entrance to all keynotes, product sessions, special training, vendor tracks and the expo.

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