Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doug Schmidt on DSM

Software Engineering Radio recently interviewed Doug Schmidt, a professor of computing at Vanderbilt University. The interview became interesting for me from minute 33:30 onwards, where Doug explains DSM, as he also did in his article on Model-Driven Engineering last year.

Doug clearly is an expert in this area and I enjoyed hearing how much his thoughts are similar to the ones I have about Model-Driven Development.

What my experiences with the media and many developers on conferences are, is that further introductions of the idea however, are no longer really necessary. I do not think anyone is anxiously awaiting another book or another article that introduces Domain-Specific Modeling or modeling with DSLs. Instead, we need the minds, expertise and experience of people like the Schmidts, Tolvanens, Kelly's, Dimitrievs, Greenfields, Cooks, Fowlers and so on to focus on:


How do I best create a DSM language?
How do I make sure I can easily update it later?

But definitely as important are:
How does the DSM tool best support updating the language?
How does it best update and distribute changes?
How does it best integrate generators with metamodels?
How do we best exchange metamodels?

Juha-Pekka has made a significant contribution here in his recent articles on DevX and he will no doubt touch the subjects during his classes on Architecture and Design World. Many of his ideas are naturally part of MetaEdit+ of which the 4.5 version is scheduled for later this year.

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