Thursday, April 06, 2006

Factory Factory Factory Factory

I noted in GarethJ's weblog that Microsoft uses its own DSL tool for making its own DSL tool. This is an interesting approach as no doubt will it allow them to renew or vary its DSL tool REALLY REALLY fast.

At MetaCase with MetaEdit+, as Steve noted in his interview with "DSM is useful when you are building a range of similar products. We have just the one, so it makes no sense for us in general." I wonder therefore why Microsoft has taken the Factory Factory Factory Factory approach in making its own Factory.

You can only make a Factory Factory if you know enough about the types of Factory the Factory will be ehr...factoring. This makes me think of the direction Redmond is going with their Software Factory: Enterprise Applications, an area I personally do not see all that well suitable for a domain-specific modeling language-based approach (whether you call it Software Factories or DSM), since the variation space is so wide. Hence it is no wonder that Microsoft does not expect their tool will generate 100% of the code. In order to make it work you need to narrow down the domain in some way and this is tricky when it comes to enterprise apps. You could think of a platform like hmmmmmmm .NET or a subdomain of it, but it means at the same time you restrict yourself to just that.

Would the rumor I heard about the Microsoft DSL tool license agreement be true?

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